Past Presidents

2018-2020: Phil Reed
(Tampa Bay Snow Skiers & Boarders)

2016-2018: Linda Walker
(Jacksonville Ski Club)

2014-2016: Toufic Moumne
(Tampa Bay Snow Skiers & Boarders)

2011-2014: Clair Quenzler
(Space Coast Ski Club)

2010-2011: Laurie Vest
(Orlando Ski Club)

2008-2010: Diane Peavy
(Pensacola Ski Club)

2006-2008: Michelle Moskowitz
(Miami Ski Club)

2004-2006: Bob Kendall
(Gator Ski Club of the Palm Beaches)

2002-2004: Kim Miller
(Orlando Ski Club)

2000-2002: Hank Rhawn
(Sarasota Ski Club)

1998-2000: Jim Nicholas
(Space Coast Ski Club)

1996-1998: Bob Thompson
(Jacksonville Ski Club)

1994-1996: Al Desilet
(Tampa Bay Snow Skiers)

1992-1994: Lenny Indianer
(Daytona Beach Ski Club)

1990-1992: Bob Davis
(Jacksonville Ski Club)

1988-1990: Pauline Boravicka
(Arias)(Miami Ski Club)

1986-1988: Tim Gaskins
(Jacksonville Ski Club)

1983-1986: Fred Wasserman
(Miami Ski Club)

Shelley Daniel


Go snow skiing… are you crazy?!!!”

That was my reaction when some of my friends from a local sports car club in Jacksonville, FL, suggested we try this sport. But this Florida native who at the time was in her early 30’s, actively involved in amateur auto racing and had yet to see snow, decided “why not!” So, with not much money to spend, off we went to North Carolina.

All I can say is that it’s a good thing we stayed an entire week, since it took me three days just to learn how to stop, not to mention the children’s ski school group that I slid into, knocking over like bowling pins. Not to worry, they were all fine, and had to help ME get out from under the parked snowmobile that I slid under! Although perhaps sounding calamitous, in that one week I absolutely fell in love with the sport and the entire winter ski experience.

Many years later a job transfer brought me to Orlando, where I had no friends or family. Thankfully I found the Orlando Ski Club, met some great people, have traveled on many wonderful trips and made long-lasting friendships. Being in a ski club has allowed me to ski not only at many U.S. resorts, but also international destinations.

I have been active in the Orlando Ski and Travel Club since joining, and currently  serve as the club's Parliamentarian. I am retired after 35+ years in the financial services industry, and live with my fiancée in Volusia County, enjoying our dog child, Bailey.


Lisa Bratcher

First Vice President

Igrew up in the snowy Northeast but never skied. It wasn’t until I met my husband, a Florida native, that I started skiing and fell in love with the sport and the mountains. Our first two trips to Banff and Steamboat were with a small group of friends.

Then when we moved to Jacksonville in 2004, we quickly joined the Jacksonville Ski Club. We’ve enjoyed one or two trips per year with the club since joining. I also actively became involved with the club through trip leader positions and board positions from Membership, Marketing, Trips VP, and President.

Over the years, I’ve attended most of the Florida Ski Council meetings and I am honored to be a part of this wonderful group. I’ve made life long friends through my local club and the council.

I have an active career in real estate. In addition to my business and JSC & FSC responsibilities, I enjoy working out, cooking, hanging out with friends, and traveling.

As we like to say in Jacksonville: Friends, Fun, Snow, and Sun!


Jeannie Kilpatrick-Staubus

Second Vice President

Igrew up in the beautiful state of North Carolina. When I was in college I learned how to ski on the slopes of Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain. Those hills seem pretty tiny now after trips to Colorado, Utah, California, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Canada, Switzerland and France! These are the states/countries I’ve been blessed to visit and ski with the Space Coast Ski & Travel Club which my husband and I joined in 1992.

After our first trip to Snowmass, we were hooked on traveling with the club. Cal got involved and became a trip leader first. We started attending the Florida Ski Council meetings and learned there was a network of winter sports enthusiasts all across the state.

I became a trip leader in 2007 and then a club board member in 2008. I served as secretary for four years, then president for four years.
All three of our children learned how to snowboard on club trips. The part I have enjoyed most is the friendships we have made while skiing and traveling.

I am honored to serve on the FSC board. I know how hard this fine group of people works to plan trips that bring the 15 member clubs together to enjoy my favorite sport!

I am also retired from Brevard Public Schools as a speech/language pathologist. 


Larry Eckert


Born in Southern California we tended to move around quite often. My introduction to skiing and the mountains first came when my parents moved

 back to their home country of Switzerland while I was still a young boy. Back then very long straight heavy skis with leather boots was the norm. But trying to keep up with my school friends was to say the least, challenging, but a complete blast. They took my brother and I under their arms and showed us adventures we could not have dreamed of.

In my early teens we came back to the states and settled in New Jersey. I had a few opportunities to ski around the New England area, but school, college and commission in the U.S. Army gave me little chance to enjoy this passion. Career, marriage and now jumping ahead more years than I would like to say, came the big “D”. It was quick, easy and we parted as friends. The very first thing I did was book a ski trip by myself. Rediscovery my passion I realized I missed the camaraderie I had with my schoolmates. So the following year (2007) I joined the Boca Ski Club. From there everything changed, new friends and new adventures, it was fantastic.

I served eight years on the Boca Ski Club board holding almost all the positions at some point. Now I find myself stepping up to serve on the council board were I hope to continue to contribute to the entire organization. 

Through the club and the council I have met people from all of the world that share the same passion for skiing, traveling and all the adventures this world has to offer. These organizations have truly expanded my horizons, and I am truly grateful for that.


Terese DeLuca


My dad first took me skiing when I was seven years old and I remember bragging to my second-grade classmates about the adventure.  We would rise early in the morning for the drive from Queens, New York, to meet up with the Brooklyn cousins, arriving up at Catamount when the lifts opened. Later as a young adult, I rented a share in a house in the Catskills next to the “happening” Hunter Mountain and moved in for the winter.  It was exciting!

A few years later at the ripe old age of 24, I grew bored living on Long Island. I packed up my Dodge van, took a month road trip and landed in a hostel on The Hill in Boulder, Colorado. I secured a bartending job in a small ski resort called Eldora. Life was great, but I did miss all my family and friends back home.  After two years, I returned to New York City to finish my education at New York University. Earning a bachelor’s degree in Film & Television, I got a job at NBC and met my husband. Unfortunately, my now ex-husband never took to skiing, but I introduced my three-year-old son to the sport and made him my new ski buddy.

When my son left for collage, I left a successful business career and moved to Naples, Florida.  I became a real estate Broker Associate, but something was missing. My ski buddy was preoccupied with his own life and I had resorted to taking ski vacations on my own.  Three years after my arrival in Naples I found the Naples Ski Club (now the SWFL Ski & Travel Club). Within 6 months, I became the club’s Treasurer and attended my first Florida Ski Council meeting.  Since then I have served as my club’s Director of Trips, Web Master and President, and have been a Trip Leader for various national and international ski trips.

Skiing is not only a sport it is a lifestyle that includes the people with whom you ski and the memories that are made. Many thanks to the Florida Ski Council for creating opportunities for so many people to experience skiing at the best resorts for the best value. I look forward to serving on the Executive Committee and creating fantastic new memories!


Linda Walker

Director of Bids

Couldn’t you pick something closer to home?” my Dad asked when I told him I was taking up snow skiing.

As an official Florida native, I spent my childhood playing at the beach and enjoying all the natural beauty South Florida has to offer. Blessed with a wonderful career as a wildlife biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, I had the opportunity to see wild and beautiful places all across the country. I quickly realized that I loved the mountains as much as I loved the ocean.

I didn’t actually start skiing until my late thirties, but when I did, there was no turning back. I loved the sport, the places and the people. I started traveling with the Jacksonville Ski Club in 2001 and discovered how much fun it was to travel with a group.

After leading numerous trips and serving as secretary, treasurer and president of the Jacksonville Ski Club, I was elected to the board of the Florida Ski Council in 2007. It’s exciting to be a part of such a great organization that promotes the sport I love so much.

We help our Member Clubs grow and we give back to local charities that change lives for the better through ski experiences. I have made great friends all over the State and always look forward to our annual meetings and ski trips.

So, to my Dad, I say “Home is where the heart is, and my heart is in skiing.”

Think snow!


Phil Reed

Past President

Thirteen degrees below zero! – My first day on skis and I loved it.  I took to it like a “duck takes to water.”  That happened in the early 80s when I was in my early 30s.  Since 1997, I’ve been on many of my Tampa club’s trips and numerous Florida Ski Council trips.  While assigned in Germany with the U.S. Army from 1993-1996, I was an active member of the Patch Ski Club of Stuttgart.

In August of 2000, I officially retired in Tampa from the Army after 28 years of active service as a communications officer in the Signal Corps.  Upon my retirement, my wife Karen and I decided to stay in Florida and make Tampa our home.

Soon after retiring, I volunteered to serve our townhouse community and served as President and Chairman of the Board of my homeowners’ association, as well as the community manager, and finally as treasurer in later years.  I gave up those extensive duties and decided to devote my time to my not-for-profit ski club, the Tampa Bay Snow Skiers & Boarders (TBSSB), one of the 15 ski clubs in our Council.  My educational background includes many military schools, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  I have served as Assistant Treasurer/Treasurer, Social/Publicity Director, Vice President, and two years as President of TBSSB, as well as the FSC Delegate for my final two years which included the Past President position.  I still lead some awesome trips for my club.

I’ve been a part of the Florida Ski Council “Executive Committee” (commonly spoken as the “board”) by serving two years each as Treasurer, Second Vice President, First Vice President, and the last two years as President of the Council.

In my ninth & tenth years, I’m looking forward to serving and contributing my knowledge and wisdom as the Past President of the Florida Ski Council these next two seasons.



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