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The FSC uses NASTAR rules on racing and handicaps. Clubs are grouped in assigned race time slots based on the number of racers in each club. The goal is to have each time slot contain approximately the same number of racers. In addition, the club’s time slot in the previous year’s race is taken into account so that every club gets the opportunity to race in the different slots. We use at least two race courses with each race participant required to race once on each course.

The resort’s pacesetter will set the Par time for each course prior to the race start. Each racer gets two runs and the best run will be used for FSC awards tabulation. Handicapped time will be utilized by NASTAR in determining any eligibility for a NASTAR award. As the handicap is the racer’s times as a percentage over the Par time, everyone is on an equal footing for NASTAR.

A person’s age or gender does not affect their handicap, only the medal they qualify for under the NASTAR rules. The course officials may, at their discretion, reposition the gates should they feel the course needs to be re-set. If this occurs, it must be between the hourly sessions and subsequently re-run by the pacesetter with a new Par time established. No racer can call for re-set or slipping of the course during the race.

We require all racers to be registered before the day of the race with no registrations allowed on the hill the day of the race. 

Individual Results

If it is a NASTAR-sanctioned race course, the resort race director will determine NASTAR medal results and provide the FSC vice president in charge of the trip with a list and the NASTAR medals for each racer. These will be provided to each club’s race captain for distribution to the club members.

Individuals are also awarded FSC medals based on actual times within sex and age categories as well as “Fastest Man on the Mountain” and “Fastest Woman on the Mountain”.

Club Results

To qualify as a club team, a club must have times for three male racers and three female racers. While any trip participant may race, only racers with a valid ID verifying their Florida residency may have their results counted for Pauline’s Cup.

The handicapped time for the three fastest men and the three fastest women in a club are totaled for the club time. Clubs are then awarded gold, silver or bronze team medals, based on the club time. On the January trip, in addition to team medals, the first place team is awarded Pauline’s Cup.

Due to airline baggage restrictions, the FSC has had to modify our trophy presentations. At the resort, the club is given the Florida Cup plaque — much easier to pack! Then at the annual meeting held in the spring, the 1st place club is presented with the Pauline’s Cup trophy.

All FSC individual medals and club medals are presented at the Thursday night theme party during the trip.

Learn more about Pauline’s Cup.


The Florida Ski Council promotes and represents the ski clubs of Florida to the resorts each year in which most of the clubs participate, taking thousands of Floridians to the slopes.

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