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Florida school for the deaf and the blind

About Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB)

The Ski & Winter Sports Athletic Club from FSDB’s Blind Department has been making its annual trip out west for almost 30 years. “When we started the club back in the early ’80s we never thought we would still be going today!” laughed Linda Meehan, the only remaining original FSDB staff member sponsoring the trip. “Originally, the trip was planned as a one-time senior class trip, and that initial trip was such a successful experience for our students, that we quickly realized it was something we wanted to provide for our students annually. Blind Department high school students must earn the trip each year through a competitive system where they are awarded points for their GPA, their behavior and school conduct, physical workouts, and participation in extra-curricular activities on campus. 

The FSDB students and accompanying sponsors travel to a ski area where the group members participate together in cross country and downhill skiing, snow tubing, snowmobiling and other outdoor winter activities. The students and their sponsors also participate in a group living environment, taking turns preparing meals and performing other activities. 

Funding for the Ski and Winter Athletic club and its annual trip is provided solely by donations from various ski clubs in Florida and from the Florida Ski Council, which solicits donations of money and clothing each year so FSDB students can have this wonderful opportunity. Without the support of the Florida Ski Council’s 15-member ski clubs from around the state, the trip would be too costly for the student group, and a fabulous, confidence-building experience would be lost.

Perhaps a freshman skier summed it up best when asked if he enjoyed the trip? “Oh, yes!’ he replied enthusiastically, “It was life-changing!” And a parent had this to say:

"Our son Logan was picked to attend the 2023 Ski Club Trip. When Logan first told us about it, I was surprised it was of interest to him. I think the first draw to it was the competition to gain a spot. He is very proud of his academic achievements and loves to push himself to goals. Logan lost most of his vision at 10 years old due to optic nerve damage caused by a Brain Tumor. Since then, Logan has been trying to find his way and enjoying things he once did is not the same for him now. The fact that FSDB and the donors to this trip put together such a well thought out and very adaptive experience is amazing. Through the photos and constant connection between the staff and the parents, I felt like I was there enjoying it with him. This trip gave him the independence that he craves, and he tried something he never has. He had the time of his life. Thank you to all that made this happen."

Logan's Mom

And that’s why it never gets old for any of us.


For the 2024 season, students from FSDB were taken on a once in a lifetime trip to Whitefish, Montana, thanks to the generous donations from the Florida Ski Council member family. Here is a link to a video made from that trip:


A Thank You Note from one of the Ski and Winter Sports Athletic Club Sponsors at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind….

Florida Ski Council,

      What can I say, your donations surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. When Tim shared with me the amount, it brought tears to my eyes! You have gone above and beyond with your generosity. Our students will have their first informational meeting on August 25th, and we are anticipating at least 30 students interested! We are going to Whitefish, Montana again. It really is a perfect place for our group. Thank you for everything you do, it means the world to us.

                                    Thank you,                           

Click HERE to read thank you notes from the FSDB students.

Thanks to the generosity of our Council officers, member clubs and many of our industry partners, Florida Ski Council is proud to report that over $14,000 is being donated to the club at FSDB to help fund the club's trip in 2025.


The Florida Ski Council promotes and represents the ski clubs of Florida to the resorts each year in which most of the clubs participate, taking thousands of Floridians to the slopes.

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